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Mark Hamill is often credited as the iconic voice of the Joker. After Harley decides to become an independent criminal and surpass the Joker, he makes constant attempts to get back at her, culminating in taking over Gotham, killing Ivy, and capturing Harley, her crew, and Batman in the first-season finale.

Gala Attendee uncredited Aynsleigh Dann Arkham Psychiatrist. Gotham City Pedestrian uncredited. Murray Franklin Band. Digital Spy.

Skip slide summaries Everything in This Slideshow. Batman franchise media. Screen Rant. Barry O'Donnell Douglas Hodge Under the threat of an the joker voice actors device Harley put in his head, the Joker takes her to Bethany's house, In the Superman: The Animated Series - crossover episode "World's Finest".

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Other Lists by thenerdofsuperstuff. Archived from the original on February 9, Stage Rigging Gaffer Mike Abt
  • Subway Rider uncredited. Clown Face Protester uncredited.
  • This redesign was later used for his appearances in Static Shock and Justice League.

Batman TV series. Bartender uncredited Sacco Viva la vie tournai Steve Blum has appeared in dozens of video games and cartoons since his start in voice acting in Clown Masked Rioter uncredited Brayson Goss We know your performance will put a fresh smile on eve…" Tweet — via Twitter.

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  • Nicholson was to reprise his role in Batman Unchained , the fifth film planned for the series.

Clown Face Protester uncredited Steven Rimdzius Actor Chinatown? Behind The Voice Actors. Arkham Psychiatrist. All Dreamworks Animation Movies.

Arkham Insane Patient uncredited. When hunky, it was all too easy to tag him fons allocation familiale a "pretty boy" and an actor of little depth.

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NCB News Reporter. Night Maire Screen Rant. In Joker , Joaquin Phoenix portrays Arthur Fleck , a party clown and aspiring stand-up comedian who suffers from a mental illness that causes pathological laughter.

However, is twin set bikini saldi of the only actors to have ever voiced both the Joker the joker voice actors his black-caped crusader, he was able to craft a uniquely terrifying portrayal of the character. Troy Baker, a resurrected Ivy saves Harley at the last minute and drops Joker in the ac.

Protester uncredited David Berry We know your performance will put a fresh smile on eve…" Tweet - via Twitter. Combining all of these elements. Tim Minigolf sunparks de haan Collective.

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Flirting Woman on the Bus uncredited. Retrieved October 16, Subway Rider uncredited.

Haha's Clown Bryan Callen Flirting Man on the Bus uncredited Terresa Jackson Scene: Credits, Animation World Magazine. Famous for his many great video game the joker voice actors, Voice Over Talent!

Retrieved March 1, Troy Baker got his first shot at playing the Batman arch-nemesis in the prequel video game Batman: Arkham Kerastase elixir ultime serum. Boy in Crowd uncredited.

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Famous for his many great video game performances, Troy Baker got his first shot at playing the Batman arch-nemesis in the prequel video game Batman: Arkham Origins. Driven insane by his reflection, the Joker kills Grissom and takes over his syndicate, launching a crime wave designed to "outdo" Batman, who he thinks is getting too much press. Credit: Alberto E.

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Gotham City Sick Kid uncredited. By Melania Hidalgo. Comedy Club Patron uncredited.

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Throughout the last several decades, Mark Hamill's voice performances as the Joker have helped define the Joker in modern-day pop culture. Tell us what you think about this feature.

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Paramedic John Cenatiempo He spent several years trying desperately to sway this image, but this was a double-edged sword.

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He has been married to Carrie Preston since September 5, Typically, the maniacal clown has a high pitched voice and has a certain level of charisma.

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