Image by Sebastian Ganso from Pixabay

SC Solar Power Update (2H 2019 – Q1 2020)

When writing an article on the state of electricity in the Palmetto State in 2019, I wasn’t exactly heartened by what the data was showing. South Carolina was trailing regional peers and had minimal annual growth due to caps in net metering agreements. However, the effect of passing legislation eliminating those 2% net metering caps for each utility has been astounding. Let’s dig into the data.

One can see how important the Energy Freedom Act was that the legislature passed to continue the growth of the industry. The act took effect in the last part of May 2019. By July 2019, you see solar starting to skyrocket year-over-year. When this expires in 2021, it will be important to show legislators how important setting a regulatory framework is to keep solar growing.

Anyways, the growth is quite impressive. I’ve cheated and included April 2020 even though it is outside of Q1 2020. Here is a breakdown of generation by proportion in the state in this month alone.

This shows that solar is still somewhat marginal in the greater picture and we still have a long ways to go to cleaning up our electricity emissions. In regards to climate change, we need to eliminate fossil fuel generation as fast as possible. In my next segment, we will take a best guess forecast for future years.

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