With Dorian in the Neighborhood, What Hurricanes Have Made SC Landfalls Before?

Dorian looks like it may not make a South Carolina landfall, but watching repeated hurricane advisories and all of the other coverage of this system made me curious, what hurricanes have hit South Carolina before?

Using historical data form IBTrACS (International Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship), I took all of their tropical cyclone data and filtered it out to the following conditions:

  1. The tropical cyclone had to cross the South Carolina shoreline. It could not come in from Georgia or North Carolina.
  2. The tropical cyclone had to come in at hurricane strength.

This was amazingly difficult due to storms repeatedly hitting the same small regions of South Carolina (Bulls Bay, Hilton Head Island, and Fripp Island). Therefore, I made a map that has a table with a key number (matches each circle on the map), category, name (if it was recent enough), and the year of the storm. I made 3 insets to show the individual numbers in regions where it would not be plainly visible.

I found 24 systems in the database that hit South Carolina’s shoreline.

I plan to make an interactive map with links to write-ups and galleries for each storm (where possible). Let me know what you think about the map and if I missed any storms that meet the criteria above!

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