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Site News & Notes (August 2019)

Boy I can’t wait for those crisp cool mornings of autumn. They are just right around the corner, yet are hard to imagine in this lingering heat of summer.

Now as far as the site, it has been a while since I’ve regularly posted. Life sometimes gets in the way, but the site is still here and the lack of posting isn’t from a lack of ideas.

This month, I’ve already rolled out some more features to our interactive election maps (see 2018 governor’s race recap) of South Carolina politics. In addition to plain results, you now have the following features available on the same maps:

  1. Trend from previous similar election
  2. Turnout percentage by county
  3. Turnout trend from previous similar election.

As far as direction of future posting, here is what is on the horizon:

  1. Finish creating maps of all 2018 state-level election results.
  2. Create maps for all 2010 – 2016 state-level election results.
  3. Continue delving into environmental and outdoor thoughts.
  4. Look into sports analysis in the Palmetto State at the high school and collegiate levels.

One idea I’m currently working on is high speed rail in the Palmetto State. Too many times when visiting family on the exact opposite of the state I’ve said to myself, “I wish there was a quick train that would speed this up and let me do something other than driving!” I’m currently drawing up maps and seeing if there any feasible scenarios for this in the state and can’t wait to share!

Hope everyone’s college football team does well week one. Here’s to squashing some yellow jackets!

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