2006 SC State Supt. of Education Results Map: A Democratic Pathway to Victory in 2018?

I won’t spend too much time analyzing this, as the map really speaks for itself. This map is still very relevant in 2018 as this 2006 race is the last time a Democrat has been elected to state office in South Carolina. That speaks volumes about the lack of competition in this state over the past decade. If James Smith or any Democrat is going to win statewide in 2018, this shows where and how it might be possible.

However, I would not get my hopes up in a couple weeks as Karen Floyd, the Republican candidate in this race in 2006, was very weak and probably convinced some Republican voters to vote against her through her desire for school choice and anti-public school positions. Jim Rex was definitely the beneficiary of her weak  campaign and low likability. Henry McMaster would have to run really poorly in the 2018 governor’s race ( and would most likely have been hurt by Donald Trump)  if Smith was able to post a results map looking anything close to this.

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