2014 SC Gubernatorial Election Results Map: Haley v. Sheheen Pt. II

This election proved to be far from competitive, and one has to wonder how much of that is actually related to the input of these two candidates. State Senator Vincent Sheheen (D-Camden), who had already run against Nikki Haley (R) in 2010, looked to build on the close competition of 2010. Haley, who had served as the governor for the previous four years, had quite the ups and downs in office. Some of the lows seemed to line up well with the election year, such as the theft of South Carolinians’ personal information from the Department of Revenue’s servers.

However, as I had already previously alluded to, President Obama was in his second midterm, a time when Democratic turnout out is already at a nadir in the four year electoral cycle, in addition to the usual midterm slump of the party of the sitting president. Whatever made up the mind of South Carolina voters, it did not help Sheheen. Haley scored an impressive victory, one in which all the counties of the Upstate were won by her by more than 10 percent.

This makes one wonder the feasibility of a Democratic candidate for governor in the state of South Carolina. I would surmise that the candidate would have to be a resident of the Upstate, because a crack has to be made into the margins in this region. Otherwise, it looks like the Republican grip on South Carolina is going to reach the levels of Democratic rule in the state a century ago.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section! A constant one-sided analysis of political results would eventually make anyone look a fool, including this author, so it would be great to hear a different perspective!

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